New Adventures in Africa!

Rula Al-Saloom


Madagascar is the Fourth-largest island in the world. Madagascar is made up of a highland plateau and is now largely deforested. The economy is overwhelmingly agricultural. Some tourist attractions are backpacking, hiking, and many national parks.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is the worlds largest desert and has an area of 3,500,00 square miles. The desert is bordered on the North by the Atlas Mountains, the mediterranean sea, and the South by the Sahel.

Mediterranean sea

The mediterranean sea is the world's largest sea, that is surrounded by Europe, Africa, and Asia. The sea covers 965,000 square miles, and connects with the atlantic ocean, and has close to 400 species of fish.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, is the largest lake in Africa. It is the chief reservoir of the Nile River. The lake is mostly in Tanzania and Uganda, and it stretches between the Western and Eastern Rift Valley.