Volume Project

By Kenny Pham

1st item of business

What do I already know about volume?

I already know that volume is the amount of space in a 3d object

2nd item of business

Demonstrate what the area of a circle is.

The area of a circle is A=3.14 times the radius squared.

3rd item of business

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A. My prediction about the volume of a cone and the volume of a cylinder with the same dimensions are that the cone's volume is 1/3 of the cylinder's.


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4th item of business

My prediction about the volume of the sphere compared to the cylinder is that the sphere's volume is 1/3 larger than that of the cylinder's.

5th item of business

A real world problem for simple solids like cubes or rectangular prism is if you are boxing something like a radio. You multiply the base and the height.

A real world problem that involve the volume of cones, spheres, and cylinders is if you are packaging a bottle, ball, or filling a ice cream cone. You use the formulas from the 3rd item of business to solve these.