This Week in Pre-K

Ms. Jen & Ms. Chris' Class

What We Did!

We spent our first full week learning all about the letter A, America and apples. We practiced writing the letter and making its sound. We made observations about the flag and then wrote them down. The kids did several art projects including apple As, American flags, and dots for Dot Day. They also recreated the Statue of Liberty with clay in the free art center. We completed the week with Animal Action during Dance Party Thursday.

For math, we counted stars and stripes and noted the patterns and shapes on the flag. We used kids to demonstrate the massive size of the Statue of Liberty. We guessed and counted how many apples were in the estimation jar. We also made glittery glue dot number 1s.

Coming up...

  • Next week our letter is T, our theme is Texas, and the number is 2. Kids should bring their related discovery bags on their assigned day.
  • Thanks to everyone who has signed up on the snack calendar. With 17 kids, you should only need to do it once a month. Please note, we only have 12 kids on Mondays.
  • Please try to be on time dropping off and picking up the kids. On Wednesdays we will be in the chapel if you arrive after 9:15.
  • Remember to check the manilla folder on the wall behind the kids' backpacks. We'll put take home materials there.

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