Faux-Friend or Foe Fiend?

Pros of Confederation

Made by the Second Continental Congress, made a unified army for the states. It also gave each state one vote for all matters, as well as having the ability to deal with all foreign matters on behalf of the states. If this seems like a great deal, then just wait until you read the cons.

"If the designers of this government knew what they were doing, we wouldn't need rebellions to change things. For example, can't enforce the laws they give out? Can't enforce the taxes? Yet, all of the states are making taxes so high, people are losing their homes, jobs, and livelihood. Outrageous." local awesome guy named Dane said.

Cons of Confederation

Even if ratified, the states could ignore any laws given, and it couldn't tax the states either. Also, they needed 9 of the 13 states to approve to pass a law, and all 13 states in order to amend the law. Everyone started to hurt economically when states started taxing each other.