The Common Man's Hero

Andrew Jackson:

Rags to Riches

Andrew Jackson was born to a single mother in 1767. He received very little formal education growing up, and Jackson was orphaned by age 14. At age 13, he joined a militia in which he would later become major general.

In his late teens, he started studying law and became a lawyer. Meanwhile, he stayed with his militia and defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans (1815), earning him the respect of Americans nationwide.

Jackson decided to run for president, and ran for the first time in the 1824 election. He was defeated by John Quincy Adams at first, but was elected in his second run in 1828. He was then re-elected in 1832 by a landslide (55% of the popular vote, 77% of the electoral vote).

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The above political cartoon portrays Jackson "killing" the National Bank (the monster) with the power to veto (the cane he's using...if you look the cane says "veto" on it).
Andrew Jackson Disney Education