The Act Gone Wrong!

By: Tsaria Elle

Yesterday's "Accident"

Yesterday, December 16, 1773, a tremendous indecent occurred. Thousands of dollars worth of tea was thrown over board on one of the trading ships in Boston. Most believe the Native Americans did it, but others believe the American disguised themselves as Native Americans to fool the witnesses, and frame them. These same people believe it was an act of rebellion and a way of revenge for the taxes King George III has bared upon them.

King George is now outraged, and has created the Intolerable Acts. This act doesn't allow any ship to get in or out of the harbor until every tea bag is payed for. The Americans are also outraged because they aren't able to pay because of previous acts, such as the Stamp Act and the Townsend act, left them with no money at all.

There are also some inside telling of the Americans demanding independence from Great Britain, and King George in bluntly ignoring these rumors, but those American are a bit bold. But we'll have to wait until next Sunday to get the order from The King.

'Til Then Fellow Englishmen. Ta~Ta