Norfolk panthers


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favorite videogame

have you heard of Midnight club Los Angeles complete edition? It is my favorite game that I have for my Xbox.

It is my favorite game because I can be in races to win new cars.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is a video game in the mid nightclub series of racing games. It originally showed up for PlayStation 3 and then it came out on Xbox 360 on January 11, 2008, by rockstar games.

It was developed by rockstar San Diego and it features 43 cars and four motorcycles.

nursery rhyme

Fourteen years ago today there was a pink dog named Bo and he meowed a lot.

One day he he went for a walk, and a man saw him and said, “Meow, meow pink dog.”

Do you have any fur, dog?”

The dog’s owner said, “No sir, no sir, no bags full.”

He said, “None for me and none for the British that lives in Britain, and none for the chicken that is fat as a pig. And none for the hobo that stays up past ten. As you can see, sir, I have no fur.” “Sorry sir, come back at halfpast ten.”

feature story

Kevin Hart is an actor,comedian and a Viner. He was born on july 6, 1979 things i want to know about him is what he does in his free time,

what his daily plans are,&

how old he is. I went to google search and found that he is 35 years old his daily plans are to hang out with his family and make vines. Things he does in his free time is playing with his kids and wife. Things I know about him are that he is a viner actor comedian. he is 5’ 4” his nationality is the usa. His parents and mothers names are nancy the mother and henry the father. his kids names are Heaven Hart, Hendrix Hart.


Have you ever seen the movie G-Force?

The movie was made on July 19, 2009. The guinea pigs names were Saber, Kip Killian, Ben, Marcie, Conner, Penny, Agent Carter,Agent Trigstad, Rosalita & Terrell. The thing I liked about the movie was the talking guinea pigs and there cool running balls. The movie is rated PG because of mild action and rude humor. The message of the story is that not all guinea pigs are special agents. The summary to the movie is a trained squad of guinea pigs dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world. A funny quote from the movie was

Blaster: I'm pretty sure this is animal cruelty. *WOOOHOO!*

Blaster: But I love it.

A goof from the movie was when Hurley and Darwin are attacked by the coffee maker. The coffee maker shoots a blade that cuts off Hurley's hair. In the next scene on the sidewalk, his hair is back to the original length.


Ethan Jarecki went to Norfolk High School and participated in the yearbook. I had a job as a shopper deliverer and I went to college at the University of Phoenix and got a degree as a tax accountant. My first job was being a shopper deliverer I quit the shopper job and became a tax accountant like my mom. When I become 40, I will look tall and skinny, and I will get married and have two to three kids. I live in Phoenix and my career for the past 10 years is a tax accountant. My hobbies are running and in the future I hope to continue my career as a tax accountant. I also hope to get another degree. If I ever choose to travel, I will travel to Austin, Texas.

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Inspirational Poster =)

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