Language Arts

Mrs. Jonas

Unit 2 Update

Hello All!

We have completed our first nine weeks of school! I would like to update you on the progress of your students in Language Arts. We completed the first unit of our new SpringBoard curriculum which focused on choices, specifically folk literature for the second half of the unit. The students did a great job with the "Wanted" posters they created for a Greek god. They also worked in pairs to create their own illustrated myth. I can't wait until you see their work. I am very proud of all of them!

We are now transitioning into Unit 2 which is still about choices, however, this unit begins with teaching students about being a consumer. The unit starts with learning what a consumer is, then teaches them about how advertising attempts to influence their choices. Don't be surprised if your student begins to talk about why he/she purchases (or doesn't purchase) certain items!

Students will begin literature circles next week. During the unit, groups of students will be reading and discussing a novel chosen from a selected group of books, then they will have a project to illustrate that novel to be completed by the end of the unit. Students will be able to complete the majority of the project during class time. See some of the books students will have to choose from below.

PS- I could use the following items for the classroom:

+ Pencils

+ Kleenex

+ Colored Markers

+ Glue Sticks

+ Colored Pencils


For Students Who Want Additional Help

The classroom continues to be open at 8:00 am every Thursday for students to make up missing work or redo assignments with low grades. I am also available for one-on-one instruction during this time. Students must inform me of their intention to come before they leave school on Wednesdays so I can give them a pass to come to the room. If they do not do this, they will not be allowed to come up to the classroom at 8:00 am.