By: Alyssa Ramirez

What is Perseverance???

Perseverance is when you keep trying to get through adversity. Some synonyms for perseverance are determination and persistence.


In Chinese Cinderella, Adeline faces adversity throughout her life. Her being born caused her Mom to die so, now her siblings blame her, and did I mention torture her? It does not make it any better for Adeline that her step-mom, Niang hates her and favors her own children. The only people that care about Adeline are her Aunt, and Grandpa but, She was separated from her Aunt and her Grandpa died. Also when Adeline went to school/orphanage her parents never dropped off clothes or eggs that everyone wanted. Adeline never got to see her fathers will. Niang was still tormenting her even when Niang is dead. But, getting through adversity she now has a happy life.
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In the dancer has a lot of adversity in her life. People make fun of her everyday but that makes her stronger. When her competition comes a competitor rips her costume but she uses her talent to win the competition. When the girls tease her because shes not good enough she gets better. This shows that she loves dancing and she perseveres to get better as a dancer.
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