do-TEAR- N-it-up

jumping back into fall!

In My Neck Of The Woods

So what on Earth have I been up to all summer? Really enjoying my kiddos! I wanted to send out a quick little news letter to all of my amazing builders! I have had a very busy summer with David working in and out of town and my two littles constantly on the go. With fall right around the corner we finally got news that for the next 100-120 days my hubby will be working in Athens! **Yay I can plan doTERRA stuff again** So we are taking this last holiday weekend to spend with our families before Lucca begins preschool and the fall kicks off! Then it is back to the daily grind (which by the way I love so much) of doTERRA work for me!

So now what can I do for you?

Your turn!

I want to know how each of your summers have been? I want to hear about your families and your family goals? I want to sit down and grab a coffee! I want to talk strategy with you or hear just how I can better support you and your teams. I want to hear about not just your oil journey, but your life journey! If you could each individually email me and let me know a time you could get together (evenings or weekends is going to be best for my schedule) unless you want more of a play date and a little less business. I would also love to hear

1. Tell me what you are saying "goodbye" and "hello" to in this season of life.

2. What was the best part of your summer.

3. What is your Sept. goal and how can I help you accomplish it? (If you don't have a Sept. goal get one)

4. If you would like to participate in the Sept. elite challenge! (If you have already hit Elite but are not currently hitting it this is not for you).