New York City

Jules Kyra Anderson


Have you ever wanted to go to somewere stunning and beautiful? How about to buy expensive items because you have money to burn? Well New York City the most populated city is the best place for you. We have many items that you will never get bored of and many beautiful places that you would never want to stop visiting. There are also many famous stories that people of New York City know or remember by heart.

The Greatest Tragedy of New York City

The 9/11 was what I would call "The Greatest Tragedy of New York City". That was the day of many deaths and important buildings were destroyed. Tarists hijacked Four planes, The first and second crashed into both Twin Towers, The third hit the Pentagon, and the fourth hit a field in Pennsylvania. The reason that happend was because the passengers on the last plane gave their lives to overpower the tarists and turn the plane around. Till this day the people of New York are building the new Twin Towers.