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Art, Library-Media, Music, Phy Ed, and Spanish

February-March Edition

Hello! Because we send out our newsletter electronically, we use a tool that allows live links and options to embed multi-media. We also like this S'more newsletter for the ease of reading on mobile devices. We hope you find this newsletter informative. Contact us with any questions.

Library Media


  • We continue to review the parts of a book and have begun to look at the difference between fiction and non-fiction books while learning about books with an animal theme.
  • Used the iPads to login to our Tumblebooks account. These are quality online books that highlight words as they are read to the children. They can be used on a web enabled device (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) Our username and password is wwe2
  • Learned about author and illustrator Dr. Seuss
  • Studied different types of libraries and began checking out from the shelves rather than the book cart. They love using the browsing sticks to find books!

First Grade:

  • Completed a unit on Internet Safety
  • Reviewed the 7 parts of a library book (author, illustrator, cover, spine, call number, title, and illustration)
  • Studied books on the theme of friendship
  • Learned about the poetry/joke/riddle section and used poet Jack Prelutsky's iPad app. They enjoyed his humor!

Second Grade:

  • Worked with partners and used the scan app on the iPad for a Dr. Seuss scavenger hunt. They learned about his life, books, and his new book coming out this summer!
  • Used Pixie software to create a book recommendation for I Love to Read Month. These are displayed in the Media center and help people find good books.
  • Studied folklore genre, especially the characteristics of a fairytale.
  • Completed an Internet Safety unit which covered, private/personal information, how to create safe usernames and passwords, basic search strategies and good search engines for their age.

Physical Education

  • Juggling: cascade, elevator, showers, juggle tag
    Parachute: umbrella, mushroom, circus tent, mountain, Jaws
  • Dance Dance Revolution: beat, rhythm, dance, FUN!
  • Review Stations: football toss, tumbling, juggling, fitness, scooters, basketball, hula-hoops, Skully puzzle, racquets and Koosh Balls
  • Health Fair Booths: Bike Safety, Self-esteem, Sargent Hanky, 1st Aid, Vote, Heart Power, Don't Smoke and Chef Combo.

Bones and Muscles:
  • Bones: vertebrae, sternum, ribs, clavicle
  • Muscles: abdominals, obliques

The Health Fair was March 25th and 26th. The second graders did a
super job running their booths and presenting materials!

Sports Week is fast approaching!
I will need many wonderful parent volunteers to run the stations.
Please check with your child’s classroom teacher for their scheduled
time and let me know if you are available to help!
Monday, May 11th - 2nd grade
Tuesday, May 12th - 1st grade
Wednesday, May 13th - Kindergarten


Kindergarten Music Notes:

Students continue to practice music elements such as steady beat, long/short sounds, high/low sounds, distinguishing beat from rhythm, and song forms through songs and games. Students have added folk songs, poems and games to their repertoire like Get on Board, Ally Bally, This Old Man, A Sailor Went to Sea and London Bridge. Classroom instruments such as triangle, wood blocks, drums and glockenspiel continue to be used to accompany songs and games, focusing on naming the instruments, describing how they make sound and how to correctly play them.

Kindergarteners are also learning proper vocal production and pitch-matching as they sing and play their favorite songs and games.Following Spring Break, each child will be video recorded demonstrating their best singing of the Wildwood School song. That video will be the initial contribution to their electronic music portfolio that will grow with them over the years.

Kindergarteners will next expand their learning to include studying those orchestral instruments used in telling Prokofiev's classic "Peter and the Wolf."

First Grade Music Notes:

First graders have been immersed in singing. Preparing for the March program required extensive focus on posture and sound, as well as the concentration necessary for singing in a two-part round and singing in two parts. Though still at an introductory level, these skills form the foundation for a multitude of singing experiences in the years to come.

Beyond their evident successful learning about group singing, we have recently completed a major project requiring that each student demonstrate what their best individual singing looks and sounds like in first grade. Following the development of their own class rubric for what constitutes excellence in singing, each student has made a video of their best singing. The videos are being archived as part of a district-wide initiative to compile audio and video music performances of each student in an electronic portfolio. If you missed seeing your child's video at conferences, please contact Mrs. Green to receive a link to their performance.

Our learning is now shifting to instrumental ensemble performance. We are learning some focused xylophone playing technique, to be followed soon by everyone's favorite activity: World Music Drumming!

Second Grade Music Notes:

Second Graders culminated many weeks of practicing and preparing for their program "Music is FUNdamental" presented on March 12th at Chautauqua Auditorium. The program highlighted the state and national music standards they have been learning in music class such as good singing practices, singing in canon, correct instrument technique, rhythm and melody basics as well as the cooperation and hard work necessary to present an entertaining and informative performance. (Well done, 2nd grade musicians!) In March, students are finishing their individual singing videos which will be added to their electronic music portfolios. The videos show each student demonstrating their growth as singers who use Best Singing practices (tall bodies, Power Feet, Sing out!) The portfolios are part of a district-wide initiative to archive our students' musical growth from the earliest grades through high school. Ask your student about his/her video! You are welcome to view it with Mrs. Schwister in the music at conferences or by appointment. Coming up in April: World Music Drumming and study of Western instruments of the orchestra, culminating with an in-house field trip to hear the Summit Hill Brass in early May!

Music field trips and in-house field trips are made possible with support from our generous PTO. Thank you, PTO!

DVD Ordering Information: DVDs of the 1st and 2nd Grade Music programs which were performed at Chautauqua Auditorium will be available to order soon. They are in 'editing' and when finished will be available to order for a donation price. More information will be sent home after spring break.


Every day rainforest disappears and soon the rainforest at Wildwood will be gone as well.


Besides learning pet words and talking about their furry friends at home, students had fun learning the names for rainforest animals in Spanish, describing their color, and how they move. They also learned about the country of Puerto Rico, which has a rainforest and is a commonwealth of the U.S. We had a special presentation by Kathleen Diaz, originally from Puerto Rico and the mother of one of our kindergarteners. Students got to taste yucca chips, dried mango, tamarind candy and guava juice.

1st grade

First graders brought in the animals to populate the rainforest, and it was a wonderful place to learn, laugh and sing. Not only did they learn about the rainforest and Costa Rica, first graders worked hard learning poems in Spanish for the first grade program. They did a tremendous job and I was very proud of their performance.

2nd grade

Second graders learned about even more animals, learned descriptive words, and what the animals eat. They also learned about the foods that people in the Amazon eat. Iguana sandwich and sugar cane juice anyone? They too were lucky to have a special guest, Angly Ulschmid( a native of Colombia and mother of 2 students) present to our class and bring in artifacts to share with us. We tasted plantain and learned about Colombia's rainforest, emerald mines, and passion for soccer.

Everyone is excited about the games and videos on the Spanish website. After a visit to the computer lab to try them out, many students are hoping to play and learn Spanish during spring break. You can drag the website link onto your desktop or Ipad and let the learning begin!!

When we return from break, our rainforest will be gone and we will begin a unit on food. That includes being adventurous eaters. Yum...


All students created an artwork for the Original Works Fundraiser. We
took inspiration from American “Pop” artist Jim Dine. Pop artists use common everyday
images in their artwork. Jim Dine uses hearts to encourage and promote
caring among all people. The kids really enjoyed his bright and colorful heart
artwork and had fun making their own.
Kindergarten— We have been busy drawing, painting, cutting, gluing and sculpting. This winter we drew a cone and sphere to create a 3-D looking ice cream cone. We used our best coloring skills to stay inside the lines and learned that pressing hard and lightly with crayons can create 2 different colors. Needless to say, this project made us hungry for our favorite flavor of ice cream. Next, we used clay to create a pinch pot creature. We painted and added antennae to these cute little creatures. We continued to strengthen our cutting skills by "roundy" cutting square paper into circles to create a series of overlapping circles called concentric circles. We took inspiration from the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, who painted colorful concentric circles. Next, kindergarteners had fun cutting, folding and gluing paper to create a 3-D collage. This collage, with its many 3-D parts reminded us of a playground that we would love to play on. We recently completed a "fish/under the Sea" themed artwork that focused on texture. This “mixed media” project involved painting, cutting and gluing. This "under the sea" artwork was exciting to make and students loved to share their creative ideas with each other.

1st Grade— This winter first grade students learned how to draw 3-D forms; including sphere, cylinder, cone and pyramid. Part of their art "homework," was to teach someone at home how to draw a pumpkin, cup of cocoa, ice cream cone or slice of cake. I hope you had a chance to receive an art lesson from your child :) Next, we created a pinch pot sculpture using clay. This sculpture was inspired by a suitcase sculpture the kids learned about during art adventure and the Spoon Bridge and Cherry sculpture in Minneapolis at the Walker sculpture garden. We made two pinch pots and put them together to create a mini cupcake sculpture. We recently created another pinch pot sculpture of a fish creature…these creatures had some fun details. Many allowed me to display their creation in my hallway display case. It was so fun to see students and staff stop to admire the artwork! Currently, first graders are drawing a 3-D cake using the form cylinder.

2nd Grade— This winter second grade students created a pinch pot sculpture using clay. This sculpture was inspired by a suitcase sculpture the kids learned about during art adventure and the Spoon Bridge and Cherry sculpture in Minneapolis at the Walker sculpture garden. We made two pinch pots and put them together to create a mini cupcake sculpture. Many allowed me to display their creation in my hallway display case. It was so fun to see students and staff stop to admire the artwork! Currently, students are using the pinch and coil method of hand-building to create another clay sculpture of an animal head of their choice.

Contact Information

Art: Kristi Eckert kristi.eckert@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us 407-2136

Library-Media: Jean Oswald jean.oswald@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us 407-2167

Music: Kathy Schwister: kathryn.schwister@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us 407-2153 and

Ginny Gadbois Green: virginia.green@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us 407-2149

Physical Education: Betsy Sommer betsy.sommer@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us 407-2143

Spanish: Lynn Mucciacciaro lynn.mucciacciaro@mahtomedi.k12.mn.us 407-2135