AP Tank Proposal.

Shelby, Michael, Abby, Christina.

Tank Information.

Our tank is about 60 gallons.

In the AP office, to the left of Mrs. Rhode's desk is where our tank is going to be located.

Seems like Mrs. Rhode approves!

Our chosen fish information!

Tiger Barb.

Puntius Tetrazona.

6.0-8.0 pH

77-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average Price: 1.50 each.

It goes well with our fish with aggression and color.

Cory Cats.


6.0-7.0 pH.

77-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average Price: 3.15 each

They are larger, more beautiful fish and it gets along with our other selections nicely.

Rainbow Shark.

Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum.

6.5-7.0 pH

72-79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average Price: 2.30 each.

We want to be able to say that we have a shark in our tank, but enjoy the fact that its harmless!


Xiphophorus Hellerii.

7.0-8.3 pH

64-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average Price: 3.70 each.

They are beautiful without tank design and very peaceful fish.

Cobra Guppy.

Poecilia Libestes Reticulata.

6.8-7.6 pH

75-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average Price: 3.75 each.

They are small and will make a nice school of fish that will accent our design.

Compatibility Chart.

Tank Supplies.

For our tank, its required to have 60 pounds of gravel.

We chose to have artificial plants, we want enough of them so that our fish have plenty of places to hide, and also enough for our tank to look really nice.

We want to keep our decorations filled with holes, that way our fish won't be stressed out and they will always have a nice place to hide. We would love to put some lights in our tank, because it will really amplify the colors of our fish!

Cost Analysis.

Cost of all supplies: 122.30

Cost per person: 30.58


Our questions:

How often will we be feeding our fish.

What if none of our group members are present on a tank maintenance day?