ComicTouch App

iPad App Challenge

What is it?

ComicTouch is an app that allows you to import a picture, and then add multiple speech bubbles. Only one picture can be used per comic.

If you don't have this app on your iPad, search the App Store for Comic Touch 2. The logo is a little different, but it has the same functionality!

Getting Started

1. Find a picture online of a famous person you would like to create a comic about.

2. Save this picture to your camera roll by holding down on the image and selecting "Save Image.

Making Your Comic

1. Open the app ComicTouch. **Note, this app only displays in portrait view.**

2. In the upper left corner, click the icon with the plus sign.

3. Choose "Photo Library", and select your picture from the Camera Roll.

4. Choose a bubble option from the bottom of the screen, and it will automatically add to your picture.

5. You can drag the bubble to the appropriate location, and also move the "tail" by dragging and resizing.

6. Double tap on your speech bubble to edit the text.

7. Add message, and select "Done". Edit any details you would like. Choose "Back" to return to your comic.

8. Comics save on the app, and can also be sent to the camera roll.

9. To send to photos, select the icon at the top that shows the comic coming out of an envelope...choose the button "Save Comic to Photos."

10. Your comic is complete!

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Consider the possibilities of how this can be used in class! Not just people, but places and things!

**To receive the ComicTouch badge, email Ann and Renee your comic.