Budgeting Project

by julissa barrientes

My education

I am going to go to Texas state university and I am going to get a doctorate in medicine. I want to be something in nursing because I really really like to help people.

My employment

I am going to be a pharmacists. I am going to make 13,617 monthly. and I make 145,910 yearly. I am happy to do this because I have a chance to save life and help people in need also if I am in a situation to where some person needs help I can help them.

My transportation

I will have a 2014 ford mustang for my car. it will cost 22,510$ total payment. the car that I own is a used car.

My Home/ liing expenses

I will be renting a one bedroom one bath apartment. rent will be about 96$ a month not including water and internet witch will make it 116$ a month.
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