Austin Dentures

Austin Dentures or False Teeth Are an Alternative to Lost Teeth

Austin dentures are false teeth or artificial teeth. They are custom made and removable in nature too. For missing teeth full dentures can be placed on all of them and partial is for one or more missing natural teeth. Either kinds of dentures support lips and facial muscles and keep them from receding and sagging which definitely makes the person look younger and also improves health. In the sense that it improves speech and helps you chew properly. You can have custom designed dentures made in the lab by letting your dentist take the impressions of your teeth. With proper oral hygiene and care, your artificial teeth can be good for at least 5-10 years. Over the time and use the mouth changes its shape so the artificial teeth need to be remade, relined and rebased also.

What is prescribed?

You have got Austin dentures fixed for various reasons besides missing teeth. They are prescribed by dentists for the result of surgery, decay, injury and disease. Regardless of what is the reason you can talk to the dentist and know your options? Full, conventional and immediate applications are available options for you. Your dentist will tell you what goes with your current oral health and mouth condition. Conventional are placed in the mouth after most teeth are removed and healing of tissues is done. Immediate false teeth are anchored in the mouth post removal of teeth. It gives a natural look and helps you smile brightly for years to come.

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