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September 5, 2020

Administration Communication

Dear RMS Parents & Students,

We hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We have had a good start to the school year as we reflect over the last two weeks. Overall, 99% of students have adhered to bringing masks to school, getting daily temperatures taken, wearing masks in the classroom/ throughout the building and following lunch procedures in regards to physical distancing to eat lunch without masks and being able to safely take a breather. In no way shape or form are we perfect as a school community with our new procedures, but we see a majority of students following our expectations and listening to our reminders as they want to be with their friends and struggle to not have the closeness we all took for granted. So, in those regards, our procedures to keep students safe and follow Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) guidelines are being enforced regularly.

One of the most difficult parts about our new journey during this pandemic season is providing high quality education while meeting the needs of blended, traditional and virtual students. The reality of this new normal is not only being felt at RMS, but around the country. Our technology has been an issue and we recognize that it is a concern especially for virtual students who sometimes log on for instruction, and then, find themselves getting kicked out of Google Meets classes. We are working on this as a district and teachers have been sharing strategies to support one another on how to combat these issues and ensure students still have access to instruction. Our district believes that they have found a workaround to support the technical issues that are a result of Google updates with our current devices. We are sorry for continuing to ask for patience, but know that we are trying to do our best.

So, a few things to be mindful of when we come back on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. All teachers should have Schoology up and running. This platform is sort of like a Facebook feed. Teachers post assignments and messages to students. They are able to respond and get grades from there. Schoology will have all assignments and grades, while HAC will only provide quarterly grades and attendance. Schoology Parent Access is now available. During Tuesday’s 2nd period classes, teachers will push out the parent access codes via School Status (School Status is merely our communication for emailing, calling or texting guardians privately), so subscribe to it if you have unsubscribed from receiving school messages. Teachers will also have students write parent codes in their agenda. If you do not get this information by the end of the day on Tuesday, please email your child’s second period teacher. All teachers emails are listed on the school webpage by going to https://rms.pcssd.org/ where you will find the staff email page (Joe T. Robinson Middle School). Also, please review the Schoology Parent Access Video (it is only a minute and thirty seconds). Once you have the code, you will have view access to what is happening in your child’s grades and assignments. With view access, you cannot break a thing, so explore! We plan to utilize Schoology moving forward, so we will all get comfortable with it soon enough.

Please look at the RMS PTO link below. We are happy having students back and we can clearly see that they are happy to return to school. Let’s strengthen our partnership in order to better meet the needs of our children. If you need to speak with school administration, please call the front office secretary to make an appointment for a meeting or leave a message with secretaries for us to call you back. Thank you for your support and have a fantastic weekend!


Mrs. Appiah- McNulty

Schoology Instruction Video for Parents
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