News and Updates

From the desk of the Principal

Greetings to all Pirates and Pirate Families!

We are well on our way to a whirlwind of a finish. Mid-terms and parent-teacher conferences are over and the final push to a successful semester looms. I would like to encourage you all to make sure your students take advantage of tutoring opportunities. Any areas of concern are normally addressed by contacting the teacher and allowing your student to attend tutoring. We are planning several events to end the semester and celebrate with our students. Thanks for all your support during our Spirit Week and Homecoming Dance. Support our PTA and be eligible for 2 graduation tickets. Other opportunities are available.


Freshmen will have their required field trip to UNC-CHAPEL HILL on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Freshmen are required to attend this visit to a university. Students will be back by 3:30. Massey Hill is a college preparatory high school. Secondary planning is emphasized at all levels.

Freshmen parents can help with the success of their students by requiring and monitoring their homework. Most teachers have assignments posted in google classroom. Please assist your student with adjusting to the demands of the 4x4 schedule. Homework is required.

Tutoring is offered by each department. Students can get specific days of the week from their teachers. If your student has a 65 or below, tutoring is recommended and encouraged. The first step to assisting your student is to require them to attend tutoring. Teachers are giving freely of their time at least one afternoon per week to help.

REMINDER: We will not use the designation valedictorian and salutatorian at graduation for the graduates of 2022.


Sophomores are busily preparing to take several EOC's in the next month. Tutoring in Biology is available as well as their Math II, and Math III classes. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve performance on required objectives. Coming up we will have a Fall Classical Challenge basketball game against Reid Ross Classical High School on November 16 at Reid Ross. Join us and support our Pirates.

All sophomores will take the PRE-ACT on Thursday, November 8, 2016.

REMINDER: We will not use the designation valedictorian and salutatorian at graduation for the graduates of 2021.


Juniors are in the middle of preparing for PROM 2019 decisions. Prom reps have been selected and meetings will begin. Encourage your junior to participate and make their voice heard. Junior dues pay for PROM 2019 and PROM 2020. Pay your dues and have a "magical experience" in May.

This graduating class will be the last class to recognize a val and sal. We will no longer use those designations at our graduation ceremonies.



So much to do in a short time is the phrase of the day. Parents encourage your senior to move forward on their SENIOR PROJECT. All items are due November 30, 2018. Time moves fast and seniors have volunteer hours, research papers and a presentation. Seniors will need your help with time management. Turn off those TV's, Phones, games and make sure your senior completes this project. Massey Hill does NOT issue diplomas to students who do not complete the graduation project. Check to make sure your senior has completed their proposal, liability and honor statement, mentor form and some community service. Help them stay on track. Each senior was sent an email with the requirements and a timeline. Presentations are in December.

Senior Parent meetings are required for tickets to graduation. The first meeting will be held in January and parents will be notified. All questions and information about graduation will be answered at this meeting.


November 6 : Freshman Class to UNC-Chapel Hill

November 8: Pre-ACT test all sophomores

November 9: GLA

November 12: Holiday

November 14: Second ACT writing test

November 16: ASVAB test

All - County Orchestra

Fall Classical Challenge Basketball Game at Reid Ross 5:30

November 21: Makeup day and End of Grading Period

November 22-23 Thanksgiving Holiday

November 30: GLA

December 1: Speech and Debate Club

Ms. Massey Hill at Terry Sanford