Social Studies Infographic

By: Renee Roth


These are some governments that we learned about in class,

Absolute Monarchy

Constitutional Monarchy

Direct Democracy

Representative Democracy/Republic







We had to provide a definition about each government, with a picture. Here is a link for more information


Culture is based off of many things, it can be based off of government, religion, the economy, clothing, transportation, language, and education . Culture is basically the way we live. For example the clothing that I wear shows my culture.


In Social Studies we learned that geography is the physical features on the earth. For example lakes, hills, mountains, rivers, and the plains. During our geography unit we examined and described different land forms. We also learned the five themes of geography they include HEI, Movement, Place, Regions, and Location. Here is a link for more information


Is moving from place to place. Emigrating is when you exit a country, when you immigrate you move into a country. Migration also include international migration, international migration is when you move from country to country. Here is a link to visit more information


This was also a part of social studies. Globalization is when a culture spreads to other country's. This is positive and negative. It can spread fast food restaurants and other things. But it can be positive because it can help others with problems that they have.


HEI is Human Environment Interaction. This is when we impact the world in positive ways and negative. We can help the environment when we plant plants or when we ride our bike and not cars. But there is so many negative things, for example when we drive our cars, chop down trees, pollute the ocean, etc.


I think that I have gained a lot of information. I have leaned so much about all the topics. This will benefit me in the future. Here is a link to my blog where I have other posts