Stop Bullying

By Katie And Donovan


When you are recognizing bullying ask yourself the following questions, is it fair?, is it one sided?, is someone using power in a hurtful way?, and how does it feel?

Definition of Bullying

Repeated interpersonal behavior which is intended to do physical or psychological harm.

The phone

Cyber bullying and bullying over the phone are often beyond the reach of both school policies and out of sight of parental supervision.


160,000 students stay home each day in fear of being bullied.

% of students

In 2008, at least 20% of children ages 2-17 experienced 1 or more forms of bullying.


In 2008 males were more likely then females to be bullied physically.


Girls are bullied more than boys on the internet.

Behind the back bullying

Is gossiping, rumors, excluding someone, setting someone up to look foolish.