Instructional Tech Talk

October 2018 Issue 4

The Ball is Rolling!

Keep the conversations coming! I've had some excellent conversations around the district recently regarding tech and tech integration. Conversations vary from "How do I...", "What if...", "Can we...", "What about..." to name just a few. Please keep those conversations coming, I enjoy helping and learning about what you have going on in your classes. These conversations drive creative thinking and problem-solving or develop new ideas/ways to integrate tech!

There are many exciting plans in the works and I'm looking forward to working with the staff and students to complete these creative, and engaging lesson/assessment concepts! You don't have to plan/start big...start small...just start planning or seeking more information. We will continue to learn together.

If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to me if you have ideas about how we can work together.

Upcoming Workshops through the WTRC

Oct 17th Lanschool: Two different sessions 3-4 pm & 4-5 pm

Oct 23rd Nearpod: Creating Interactive Lessons 3:45-5 pm

Oct 25th Breakout EDU: Engage your students, Gamify your classroom 3:45-5 pm

Tech Integration Highlights Across Waterloo CSD

Tech Tip

Common Sense Media releases new research on Social Media for 2018

Tech Tool Highlight

Article: Google Slides (or Power Point) templates for Snapchat games in class

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Tech Tip Suggestions

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