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Week of November 1st, 2021

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Monday, Nov. 1

  • First day of American Indian Heritage Month
  • Meadowlark Food Drive Begins (Bring food items to school. See information below.)

Tuesday, Nov. 2

  • Election Day - Every Vote Counts! (see information below)
  • 4:00 pm - "Disorder NOT Bad Behaviors" in the Meadowlark Library or on Zoom (see information below)

Wednesday, Nov. 3

Thursday, Nov. 4

  • 10:15 am - American Answers Challenge Practice

Friday, Nov. 5

  • 8:50 am - Virtual Pep Rally
  • Scholastic Book Fair Set Up
  • 10:15 am - American Answers Challenge Practice

Sunday, Nov. 7

  • Daylight Saving Time Ends (Clocks Fall back 1 Hour)


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Making the Magic Happen!

These students were recognized at the Friday virtual pep rally meeting for being a Shining All-Star Student!

Autumn L., Caleb S., Jazz G., Luke F.

Aria P., Zariah S., Sage E., Landen E.

Henry P., Madison C., Jackson C., Christopher C.


Halloween Safety Tips

Know the RULES:

  • NEVER ever go Trick-or-Treating alone! Make sure you go with a TRUSTED ADULT. A trusted adult is a person that your parents or guardians have come to rely on and someone who you and your parents feel comfortable with.
  • OLDER children should never go Trick or Treating alone! Always Trick or Treat with a FRIEND or a GROUP of FRIENDS. You are much safer when you are with others.
  • Younger children should always have a parent or a trusted adult go with them to the door of every home.
  • When Trick or Treating, younger and older children should NEVER enter anyone’s home, unless their parents have given prior permission.
  • It is much safer to only go Trick or Treating in familiar neighborhoods. Be sure to only approach homes that are well-lit both on the inside and on the outside.
  • Wear a highly-visible or reflective costume and carry a flashlight when Trick or Treating at night.
  • Stay on sidewalks and walkways.
  • Stay in well-lit areas, NEVER take short-cuts, and never go to isolated areas.
  • WALK! Do not run in your costume because you might trip and injure yourself.
  • NEVER approach a stranger’s vehicle, even if the person inside is offering you candy or gifts.
  • NEVER get in a stranger’s vehicle or leave with a stranger!
  • The Rule is: NEVER go anywhere with a stranger or take anything from a stranger! SAY NO, Get Away Quick, and Tell someone!
  • Be aware of any people who are acting strange or suspicious. REPORT them to you your parents or the police right away.
  • If someone tries to grab you or a friend, yell loudly “HELP, this person is not my parent, STRANGER!” While you are yelling, you can kick, hit, pull-away, and run! Make every effort to escape and draw attention to the situation.
  • Older children might consider carrying a cell phone in case of emergency.
  • DON’T eat any candy until you get home, and be sure that your parents check your candy before you do eat it.
  • Consider attending parties at home, in school, or in community centers as a safe alternative to Trick or Treating.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


Every Vote Counts!

Butler County:

St. Vincent:

  • Friday: 12-7
  • Saturday: 9-4

Sedgwick County:

Reformation Lutheran:

  • Saturday: 9-4

Disorders Not Bad Behaviors

Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas

This workshop is being done by the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas. This workshop is designed to educate families on the topic of mental health in elementary aged students.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 2nd

TIME: 4:00 - 5:00 pm

WHERE: Meadowlark library or on Zoom

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At the end of the first quarter students participated in the Fastest Class Challenge during their PE class. For this challenge each class tried to see how many laps they could get in 3 minutes, and then we took an average. The class with the highest average in each class gets to keep their grade level trophy in their classroom until will do the challenge again. The Fastest class in the entire school gets to keep the BIG trophy in their room. Here are the results: Kindergarten-Mrs. Fritzler’s Class, 1st grade-Mrs. Ek’s class, 2nd grade-Miss. Snavely’s class, 3rd grade-Mrs. Haynes class, 4th grade-Mrs. Weide’s class, and the fastest class in the school was Mrs. Moss’s class...Great Job All-Stars!!!

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Meadowlark Has an Opening!

This is a great way for parents or grandparents to make extra money while the kids are in school!

Immediate openings are available. If you are truly interested in working with a great group of people, let us hear from you. Starting pay is $11.33 an hour. Experienced applicants may earn more.

Speed up the process by applying at or call Lisa Smith at 316-218-4603.

Thursday, November 11th - Veterans Day

The school is honoring Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11th. If you or a family member are a Veteran, Firefighter, Policeman or Policewomen, please email a photo of them to Rhona Harvey, to include in our slideshow honoring these brave individuals. Include their name, rank, student's name, and their relationship to the student.

Thank you


Your child’s report card is now available for view in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Below are instructions for accessing the report card. If you have questions or need help with access, please contact your child’s school. Please note that you will need to log into the Parent Portal. You will not be able to view report cards using the mobile app.

Elementary Student Report Cards

Parents can see all archived reports for their children in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Any current reports that are published to the public portal can be run by the parent at any time.

  1. If you have more than one student, select the student tab for the student you want to view the Elementary Report Card

  2. Click on Student Reports in the left navigation menu as seen below

  3. Click on the Report you want to view under the Archived Report section

  4. Elementary Report Cards will be Archived quarterly for parents to view or print

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