The Giraffe and The Elephant

By: Carly Garrett

The Giraffe and The Elephant

One day a giraffe was walking alone along the African Savanna looking for a friend when he stumbled upon an elephant. The elephant was wrinkly and grey unlike the giraffe who had beautiful spots on his perfect skin.The giraffe walked away from the elephant looking for a more handsome friend. The elephant new the giraffe was looking for a friend but didn’t say anything, he was used to people passing him by. Next, the giraffe came upon a tiger with exotic stripes. The giraffe was amused and memorized by the stripes and immediately walked over to the tiger.

“Hello tiger want to be friends,” asked the giraffe.

The sly tiger wanted the giraffe to come closer and closer and the giraffe did what he was told. Suddenly the mysterious tiger pounced on the giraffe, the giraffe was shocked and terrified. Just before the tiger was about to bite the giraffe the ground began to shake and there was a loud noise. Brrrraaaahhh the elephant had heard the ruckus and came barreling in, the loud noise had shaken the tiger and frightened the tiger ran back to its home. The giraffe could not believe his eyes, the old, grey, wrinkly elephant had saved the giraffe after he had rejected him just a little earlier. The giraffe had learned his lesson.

It doesn't matter whats on the outside but on the inside that counts.