Arthur 'Doc' Clark Shepard

my Great Great Uncle

Arthur's early life

Athur was the son of Everett Ernest Shepard and Daisy Mae Thomas. He was born in 1916 and died in 1992. He grew up with four siblings, Francis, Lorene, Ernest, and Milton. They all grew up on a farm in Okfusgee, Oklahoma. As a kid, Arthur and his brothers helped their parents on their farm. He and his siblings were very close growing up. Arthur went through nine years of schooling, which was more than some of his other siblings who were forced to leave school and work on the farm.

When Arthur was around seventeen, he met a girl named Dorothy. They fell in love instantly. My grandma told me that he still talked about her until he passed away. They promised they would be married. Arthur was the happiest he'd been in his life, but he always wanted to fight for his country in the war.

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World War II

Arthur enlisted in the army on February 13th, 1941 at Oklahoma City. He was the only family member who fought in the war. My great great uncle left Oklahoma on a ship for Germany. He served as a Private in the 45th Division. He operated a heavy field gun with eight other men. There were bombings coming from the air and six of the other men operating the gun were killed.

My grandma talked about what a happy and funny man he was before the war. She said that all the death was really hard for him to witness. He felt guilt and remorse for surviving when most of his partners died. He served in the army for four years.

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After the war

In 1945 Arthur returned, and found out that a lot had changed back home. Dorothy, the only person he'd ever loved, had moved on and married another man. He was heartbroken. He never loved or married another woman again.

He decided to stay in the same house he grew up in and continued working on the farm. He and his siblings grew farther apart after the war. They all married and had children while he stayed at home. He was never the funny and happy man that he once was.

Historical events Arthur witnessed

Arthur witnessed many historical events in his life. He lived through both World Wars and the great depression. It's amazing that after all of the hardships and travels he lived through, he still died in the same house he grew up in. He experienced many inventions, discoveries, and tragedies in his life. He lived through the opening of the gates to Auschwitz, racial integration, Kennedy's assassination, and the first moon landing.

Although he lived through many tragedies, I'm happy that he witnessed a change in the world that many others didn't live to see.

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Arthur's old age and death

Arthur lived through many hardships during the World Wars. He always wanted to fight for a better life. In his old age, he told his nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews stories of his life. I'm glad that he could share his stories and pass them down to generations so that his bravery and strength could live on. No matter how long he fought, i consider him to be a hero of our family. He gave up so much to fight for a better life for himself and those he loved.

He died on June 2nd, 1992 at the age of 76, in the same house he was born in.

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