Math Update

Week of October 12th

This Week in Math....

Decimal operations will continue to be the focus this week. Our small group rotations will focus on multiplication and division while students practice addition and subtraction through independent work and center activities. Our daily problem solving will also bring in decimal operations through the real life application of money.

Students can expect a quiz this week on whole number operations as well as quiz on the vocabulary associated with each of the operations. Click here for a link to an online review of the vocabulary. Additional computation practice can be found on our class Blendspace page.

Focusing on Problem Solving

Each day in math we focus on analyzing single and multistep word problems. Students utilize a graphic organizer to assist them in breaking down each step. Students also focus on making sure they are answering the question. It may seem simple enough, but this is one of the common mistakes students make when solving multistep word problems. In a multiple choice format, it is not unusual for one of the answer choices to be the first step in a word problem. Take the example shown below from the released Spring 2014 Math SOL Test.
Big image

The first step in solving this problem would be to add packages X and Z, which is 3.97 pounds – answer “C”. Students who are not focused on the question, or checking if their answer is reasonable, will often select this answer if it is presented as a choice. When focusing on the question, “What is the weight of the chicken in package Y?” students should recognize that adding X and Z should not give them the weight of “Y”. They skipped the second step – subtracting from the total weight of the chicken (7.52 – 3.97), which will result in the weight of the chicken in package Y. The correct answer is “A”.

When completing homework assignments, please encourage your child to utilize the graphic organizers taught in class. Through the end of October, graphic organizers are made available for students to fill out for their homework assignment. Beginning in November, students are expected to create and complete their own graphic organizer in preparation for upcoming benchmark assessments as well as the SOL test at the end of the year.

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Important Dates/Upcoming Events

October 12: No School for Students

October 14: Whole Number Computation Quiz

October 15: Picture Day!

October 16: Vocabulary Quiz

October 16: Report Cards Issued

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