BCE Library Newsletter

Library Lady Leaks v. 16



There has been a lot going on in the BCE library, hence the delay in the newsletter. Students have been:

  • creating mini anchor charts for myths and legends and then viewing examples of each to identify these elements.
  • creating mini anchor charts on fables and then watching Tumblebooks stories to determine if they should be labeled as fables.
  • reading an Irish Legend and making a My Lucky Charms bar graph
  • reading Wolf! by Becky Bloom and playing a Kahoot to test their comprehension of the story and vocabulary such as ached, genre, concentrate, discovery and more.
  • learning how to access their Katy ISD Google Account and working in Google Slides
  • learning about differences in saltwater and freshwater habitats and then sorting animals that reside in each of these areas.
  • learning and reading books about food chains and then creating two food chains based on the book Jump, Frog, jump by Robert Kalan
  • doing research for their Texas History projects or their Living Museum projects.
  • learning about different biomes
  • discussing differences between fiction and nonfiction and then reading books and based on the elements of the story determining whether it is one or the other.
  • using Katy Library Resources and more to gather information on an animal or other topic for a research paper.
  • continuing to work on their Digital Passport.
  • and much, much more.

I do not know what it is but a child skipping down the hall, in the library, wherever, makes me smile, makes me happy. Just sharing.

I have witnessed pure joy in the library this week as students in Kindergarten were given about seven minutes to free draw and with M A R K E R S!!! There were gasps, kids were singing, happiness was all around. Love it!

Shout out to Mr. Jones who allows me to bounce ideas off of him on how I can help reinforce what they are doing in the classroom. Collaboration is key to the success of our kids.

Shout out to Mr. Fry for having a birthday which gives me a reason to get a PIÑATA! If you have not read the sign in my office, I am a true believer that "Life would be infinitely better if piñatas would magically appear throughout the day."

Free Dozen Donuts on Tuesday to the first team that sends a response saying "Piñatas are the BOMB!"

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