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Divine December

Welcome to you lovely new stylists who joined our team this month! We wish you all the success in the world with the start of your new business!!!

Felicia Efole - London

Well done to all of you who sold your hearts out leading up to the Holidays!

Top in SALES & SPONSORING in December

1. Katherine Shiatis £3,034

2. Anna Fairclough £ 1,535

3. Sarah Duffy £ 1, 422

4. Holly Scott £ 1,366

5. Sophie Loos £ 1,468

6. Jennifer Clavadetscher £ 1,282

7. Jennifer Devine £ 942

8. Sarah Boyce £ 929

9. Helen Gibbins £889

10. Victoria Hardingham £ 800

Qualified -- Jennifer Middleton, Chelsea Mulhane, Sarah Johnson, Anna Richards, Greta Vitanova, Camilla Reynolds, Annabelle Fuller and Catherine Blanks

Joy sponsored 1 in December. Yippee!

We ended our year with a Festive and Fabulous Incentive....Make-Up & Photo session before our Team Holiday Party! We do work but we also like to have loads of fun!!! See you later 2013...we are thankful for the year past and look forward to our best year yet!!!