Specialist Newsletter

Kokanee Elementary - 2nd Quarter

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter Specialist newsletter! Below you will find information on what has been going on in PE, Music and the Library over the past few months. The quarter has flown by and we are excited to share all that has been happening. Please feel free to contact your specialist teacher directly if you have any questions or concerns!

Physical Education Department

PE News from Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Fisher and Ms. Hanley

Featured units for February, March… Bowling, Volleyball and Gymnastics/Tumbling!!!

Bowling is a favorite for all ages as students learn proper form for ball delivery. Older students learn to keep score. After mid-winter break we start volleyball with intermediate grades learning game rules with net play and primary grades focusing on individual skills using lighter balls. In gymnastics/tumbling, students work on forward and backward rolls, log rolls, balancing, flexibility and locomotor movements. All students have been learning and applying the components of fitness (cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and body composition) by doing exercises related to each component.

Please have your child wear athletic shoes on their PE days to allow for 100% participation. We’re seeing more boots with the colder weather. Some students leave their PE shoes at school and change into them before class.

Our after school Circus Arts program starts after mid-winter break. This program for 3, 4, 5, 6 grades involves jump rope, gymnastics, stilts, juggling, rope climb, unicycles and a whole lot of fun! The kids get to perform in front of their peers on Friday, April 7! Forms are available in the main office and online on the Kokanee website.

Track and Field starts after spring break!

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Music Department

MLS Primary Grades

The MLS Primary students are continuing to excel in reading and playing rhythms on percussion instruments as well as barred instruments. The students are identifying musical symbols with the correct names and playing rhythms with precision. Students are continuing to sing on solfege, explore musical form, and are practicing notating pitches on a staff. They are gaining independence when playing barred instruments and are doing a wonderful job using the instruments in the class.

Library Department

Library News

1st and 2nd Grade students have focused on the Washington Children's Choice Award books and finding a "just right" book in the library. Students are introduced to Destiny Quest which is the system the library uses to search for books. They are building their independence in searching the catalog and finding books on their own.

3rd and 4th Grade students have been reading Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail and creating their own book talks using Google Slides. They will present these reports to their classmates during library time.

5th and 6th Grade has been focusing on the Sasquatch book award and lessons on Digital Citizenship. 5th Graders will start a state assessment on Civics and 6th grade is starting a digital book talk assignment.

Hour of Code

In December, all Kokanee students participated in the Hour of Code National event. This event is run by the non-profit group called code.org and is meant to encourage all students to learn computer science skills. Students did an amazing job coding different programs for some of their favorite games like angry birds, minecraft and more!

Snowman Challenge!

In January we held our 2nd annual Snowman Book Character contest. Students were able to create a snowman after their favorite book character and submit to the library for a chance to win a prize. We were amazed with the amazing work our students did and very impressed with their creativity!
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Upcoming Events

March - Read Across the Solar System!

Be on the lookout for a handout coming home after Mid-Winter break on our Spring reading incentive called Read Across the Solar System. Students who read 300 minutes during the month of March can enter for a chance to win a new BICYCLE (donated by the Bikes for Books program run by the Bothell Masonic Lodge).

April - Book Fair!

Mark your calendars for the Spring Scholastic Book Fair in the library April 3 - April 7 before and after school.

Thanks for Reading!