Allie J's



Hello everyone! Take a look at our first ever Allie J's newsletter. This will be a quick, fun and, easy way to update, communicate and keep everyone in the know. This will be a tool to help us all work together, and make our salon the best that it can be! I hope this will be a resource that will help us all, and a fun way to grow our salon by everyone contributing with great ideas and suggestions that will better our salon and help each others business to grow!



A big THANK YOU to everyone for rallying together and taking care of all of Allison's customers in her premature absence, but we are so glad that little Reece came early, and I'm sure Allison is too! Everyone stepped up and did a great job of making it a smooth transition!

A little housekeeping

This section will be for reminders, and to address issues that have come up in the shop. It will keep us on our toes, because sometimes it's easy to forget we are at work and are running a business, because our clients become our friends and we are having so much fun! Please feel free to let me or Allison know of any issues or suggestions that you would like to be addressed and/or added to the next newsletter. We want our salon to be the best all around! So here we go!

Please remember to respect other people's supplies! Do not share or take things without asking and replacing them. Missing supplies is not only inconvenient and costly, it causes trust issues and creates hard feelings, so please try to keep all the supplies on hand that you will need.

  1. Please remember before you leave to turn off all tools and on weekends unplug.
  2. Make sure coffee pot is off before leaving.
  3. Check heat/air if you are the last to leave to make sure its not to hi/low.
  4. Remember to keep color bowls clean and out of sink and put away.
  5. When paying rent make sure you label with name and date to ensure you get proper credit, and remember rent is due on fridays.
  6. Please help keep the shop clean and organized. Don't forget you are responsible for keeping your station and area around it clean and dusted.

And last but not least, please try to greet everyone the walks through the door to make them feel welcome!

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Swami Sivananda