No Way Out

Bluford Series


No way out is about a boy that lives with his grandma because his parents died when he was young. His grandma falls down the stairs and gets hurt. There's no one to pay the house bills and the hospital bills. So he gets a job at a food market, but that's not enough. And if she doesn't pay the bills he will go in to foster care. So he gets in to drug dealing. And he cant get out, the boss of the drug dealing has anger issues and try's to beat him up, he even threatens to kill his grandma. When he's about to get beaten up, his neighbor comes and tries to saves him. But there's a whole group of guys against one man in his 40's. Will the neighbor die or will he save the boy? Will the boy go in to foster care? Will they pay the bills? Will the grandma die? Whats going to happen? Read to find out?
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