Sparkling Pride

Leader update

March week 4 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! Here is where your team should be today to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL!

Assoc Stylist 1693 TQV

Sr Stylist 3387

Star 6774

Assoc Director 13,548

Director 33,870

Sparkling Pride TQV is at 33,496 TQV, on track for Director!!

We have 7 days left in the month for hitting goals! Cheering you on!!

Korin Coppeta, your team is 2083 away from hitting Star this month!

Kristin Biggs, your team is 5998 away from hitting Star this month!

Amber Norwood, your team is 1651 away from hitting Senior Stylist this month!

Megan Booz, your team is 1116 away from hitting Senior Stylist this month!

Jodie Okonowicz, your team is 1988 away from promoting to Senior Stylist this month!

I believe in you all that you can hit whatever goal you have been working towards!

Take 5 min and look at your reports this morning. Who is close to qualifying that can help you hit TQV or payrank? Who is close to earning their StyleFix pass? Reach out now! Give them ideas to grab a few more orders and cheer them on! Teamwork makes the dream work!!

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Let's get those purple dots!

I have noticed that the majority of our team trunk shows are close to purple dots, and they are not getting there before shows close! Let's work with our stylists to get their hostesses the max rewards level! I want all stylists on our team to earn what they deserve, and everyone should be banking on earning $250 at every trunk show.

As you do your reach out to your team members, look at their reports. Talk to them about open trunk shows and brainstorm ideas on how they can get those shows to be $1000 sales. Do they need help with hostess coaching? Do they need to shadow another stylist at a trunk show to get tips for increasing sales? Do they need follow up WTS? Find out and help them get there! As a leader, it will also help you to earn what you deserve when your stylists get every show to a purple dot! Your trunk show pipeline will translate to your team volume, and you will earn your payrank!

Need guidance? I AM HERE! Let's set up a zoom chat with you and your team and work on it together!!

Home Office Star+ Leader Call TODAY

Hop on at 1PM EST!

Thinking ahead to April...

Although I know we are all focused on finishing out March strong, as leaders we also need to plan ahead. Take a few minutes today to look at your trunk show pipeline for April because it will be another #blowitup month!! Daylight is lingering, weather is getting nicer, and people are going to be breaking out those spring wardrobes! We also have many new stylists in Jumpstart that is a huge boost to our TQV! Many of us want to hit payrank goals before Hoopla and April could totally be the month to go for it so start your plan now!

How many trunk shows will your team need?

Associate Stylist 4

Senior Stylist 8

Star Stylist 15

Associate Director 30

I see Senior and Star promotions on the horizon-- within your reach! Let's do it together! If you need help with mapping out your month-- I want to help you! Please let me know and we can chat about it!

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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO