portable solar panel for home

portable solar panel for home

Solar panels are is a power generation device that is exposed to the sunlight, collects heat and converts the solar energy to direct current. They are almost composed of solid photovoltaic cells that are made from semiconductor materials. As these panels don¡¯t have moving parts, they can operate for a long time without causing any loss. Simple photovoltaic cells provide energy for the watches and computers, and more complex solar panels can provide lighting for house and home, also the grid. Today we will take about the method of choosing portable solar panel for home.

Solar panels made by manufacturers can be divided into A grade, B grade, and C grade according to the photoelectric converted efficiency of the solar cells, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, and the physical parameters (such as thickness of the battery, the thicker, the better in general).

Difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline
From the appearance, we can distinguish the monocrystalline and the polycrystalline. The cells of the monocrystalline are almost similar to the four corners of a circle, called the chamfer and are generally black after they are made for components. While the four corners of cells of the polycrystalline are almost the equivalent of a right angle if you don¡¯t look carefully. Usually the polycrystalline components are blue, and the surface has some irregular shape. When it comes to efficiency, the efficiency of the monocrystalline is much higher than the polycrystalline. The reason is that the monocrystalline has less impurity than the polycrystalline, but its cost is consequently higher than the polycrystalline. In addition to those two products, there is another one called quasi-monocrystalline. The appearance of quasi- monocrystalline is in the intermediate of the former products. To put it simply, it is half monocrystalline, and half polycrystalline. And its efficiency is also in between of the above-mentioned products.

Cut distinction
When it comes to cut distinction, cells of regular solar panels are complete pieces. Only those applications such as BIPV building integration and solar mobile phone charger will employ the little devices that are composed of cut pieces. Generally, the quality of the cut pieces is are not very good, the efficiency and electrical performance parameters will be affected after they are cut.

Solar panel manufacturer, like Future Solar Technology, offers customers quite a lot of choice for solar panels for home. Customers can select products according the features of the products, the budget and their need. In general, the monocrystalline has higher converted efficiency and higher cost. Also it is more durable. In contrast, the polycrystalline is less expensive and lower converted efficiency. If customers have limited budget, the monocrystalline products will be desirable.