The Om Symbol

by Joe Petrozzino

What is Om?

Om is a sacred symbol that is of great importance in Hinduism. Om represents Brahman, the impersonal Absolute Hinduism. Brahman is unable to be understood, therefore, Om also represents the unknowable. The Om symbol is used in every day life. A Hindu starts its day and other activities by uttering Om. Many Hindus wear the Om symbol on them to express spiritual perfection.
This is the Om symbol. It is also a word the sanskrit written language

Did You Know

When a Hindu baby is born, they clean him and write the Om symbol on his tongue with honey.

The Sound of Om

In Hinduism, the sound of Om is the sound of the beginning of the universe. The sound of Om is made up of four parts, the first three are the sounds A, U, M, and the fourth part is the silence that begins and ends the sound. To pronounce the word Om you have to start off with A. Your mouth then should start to move toward the M. Between the A and the M you should hear the U. All of the sounds represent something. The A, represents a waking consciousness. The U represents a dreaming consciousness. And finally, the M represents the deep sleeping consciousness.
Often times when people Meditate with Om they are often seen in this position

Did You Know

The Om symbol is written on every Hindu temple.

Symbolism of Om

Om also represents other things. The three sounds don't just represent the consciousness, they also represent the three worlds- atmosphere, earth, and heaven, the three Hindu gods- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the three sacred Vedic scriptures- Rg, Yajur and Sama. Hindus also believe that when the universe was first created, everything came from the sound of Om.