Domestic Violence

Jay Panday

What moves you to create social change?

Many things move me to create social change because woman should be treated fairly and I also think about the future and how our world can stop domestic violence. I believe with the help of everyone, we can stop domestic violence in Brampton and/or GTA or even the world.

Why is your topic important?

My topic is important because many woman get abused up to this day. Up to three to four million women in the US get abused by ex-husbands and/or husbands. Even many famous people we know have been abused. I believe with me, raising awareness about domestic violence can encourage others to do the same and stand up against domestic violence.

What makes you excited about the SAP? What makes apprehensive about the SAP?

Something that makes me excited about the SAP is I may be able to make a change in our community and make awareness around the world, helping others to get through their problems and/or situations. Something that makes me apprehensive about the SAP is that I may not be able to help my community in a greater way because I may not be capable to do some things that I wish to do for the SAP. I also worry that my Twitter and Facebook account may not attract a lot of attention and awareness to people that need help.

What is your biggest hope in creating social change?

My biggest hope in creating social change is making awareness though my social media accounts and to talk to people about their problems and how they can prevent domestic violence from happening. I also hope in my interview I can convince the victim to not worry and how to stop the problem.

What actions have you already done? What is your plan moving forward when it comes to implementing further actions?

I have created my social Media accounts and have started to work on them. Further actions I need to do are regularly updating my social media accounts and I need to prepare for my interview with my choice of organization.