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Football History

Did you know that the first Super Bowl was played in January 15,1967.The game football was originated from the game Rugby.The first football was made out of pig skin and shoe laces.College football established in 1873.
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As You See Above

Old football equipment has evolved greatly since football was originated as you see here.

Football Facts

There can be 22 players on the field at once if there is to many players on the field there will be a penitently called.There is an offence of line to protect the quarter back from getting sacked.There is a defense of line which is trying to get thought the offence of line to get to the quarter back.You have 4 tries to get 10 yards or a touch down if you 10 yards you get another 4 tries.You can get the ball on defense if you make them fumble or intercept the ball or make them punt that happens if the do not 10 yards for the first down.
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