Fort Campbell Soldier: Nick Sprowl

Chasity Reynolds : Psych1, Mrs.Huff

Nick Sprowl was a Fort Campbell Soldier who was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle and was seriously injured. Clarksville police said that a women pulled out of the Rural King parking lot and hit Soldier on Fort Campbell Blvd. He has been in and out of surgery every sence


  • Both hands are broken
  • Spine is fractures
  • Neck injuries (not specified)
  • Both arms are broken
  • Jaw, sternum and ribs are broken also
  • Lacerations in liver and spleen
  • Left kidney in damaged
  • Frontal lobe has brain damage

Before& After

Went from being completely normal to hardly being able to open eyes& speak or move.

He also went from being able to function consciousness, initiation, judgement, emotional response, expressive language, word meaning, word associations, and motor memory to having injury problems with paralysis, planning complex movements, sequencing, spontaneity, flexible thinking, perseveation, focus, mood change, social behavior & personality, problem solving, & expressive language.