All About Me

Alyssa Manriquez

Place I Would Want To Visit

I think I would want to visit Hawaii because it's so relaxing and a nice place to visit.

Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is soccer. I like soccer because I think it is a good way to get exercise and I think it's a good way to go outside and have some fun!


My family means the world to me I don't know what i'll do without them. My parents take care of me. My brothers stand up for me. I love my family so much.

A Job I Would Like To Have

A job I would like to have is being a veterinarian because I like animals and I don't like them suffering with hunger and thirst.

My Favorite Quote

I think my favorite quote is a god quote because I know that he protect me and care for me.

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is The Good Dinosaur because it's so emotional and a caring movie to watch.

My Role Model

My role model is my parents because they push me to do the best at school and they want the best for me.

Food I Like

My favorite food is mexican tacos because there really good and my mom makes them all the time.

Things I Like About School

what I like about school is me learning. I like to learn a lot because so I can have a good job one day.

Hobbies I Enjoy

The hobbies I enjoy are sports because they get me active and I can get a lot of exercise.