Invention Convention Update

Answers to your BW Inv. Conv. Questions!

Presentation Board Info

Board Requirements

Next week, we will be working on the presentation boards for invention convention! Students should have their boards to school by Friday, December 7th. There are some items our students will need to prepare or type at home. Those items are:

Name of Invention



List of Materials

How it Works (step by step)


**Pictures and diagrams can also be included on boards, but are not required.

Putting Boards Together

These items will be glued to colored paper backings, then glued or stapled to their boards. The students have sketched a mock layout of the board, and will work from that next week. You may want to ask that they bring that home. I think it would be helpful to see what they are thinking:) They can use any materials for lettering. Some students print with colored font from the computer, some buy stick on letters, some buy large foam letters, and some stencil their letters. Anything is fair game, as long as it is legible.

Some students have asked about glitter and stickers. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! We want the boards to be their own creation, and we want them to be proud of their work through creativity. Please encourage your student to think about what materials they could use that would be acceptable to your family, and would be best suited for their project.

Tips for Board Layout

We want students to use colors, glitter, and stickers, but we don't want those things to be distracting to the overall presentation board. If we get too many items pinned to a board, it can have a negative result, leaving the judges and observers confused. We want the boards to be organized and neat, but also show the student's creativity.

Bringing Inventions to School

December 12th or 13th

Students can sign up for which day they will bring their projects in, Wednesday, December 12th or Thursday, December 13th. We will set up for the convention before leaving for the day on Thursday, so we will need to have a prototype or actual product in before Thursday afternoon. All projects will be taken home with the student after the Invention Convention for parents and families on Friday, December 14th.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting this project! It has been very beneficial to our students' growth in critical thinking, problem-solving, and presentation. We hope you have enjoyed working with your student to complete this project as much as we have!