The Ghost Behind Bars

By: Evan Schwartzentruber

The Ghost Behind Bars

There once lived a happy ghost, that always liked to do things. This particular ghost's name is Frank.

One day Frank and his girlfriend were out in a park, to settle to rest, for all the hardworking they've done. They both had a job, Franks job was to mop the floor at 7 Eleven (a gas station), and Marcie's job (his girlfriends name... she's also a ghost) was a fashion job, at Country Market. They lived in a ghost-town (no, they seriously did) with not much ghosts' to talk to. The pop. of people in this town is 0, the pop. of ghosts' is 599.

When Frank hovered to his job, he said hi to all of his employee friends that worked with him, and then he ran into The Boss. "How are you doin, Mr B.?" Frank asked.

"I'm doing good. How is your day?" Mr Boss asked in a scornful voice, "My day is nice!" Frank said happily, "Today I-"

"I don't care where you went to or what you went to get. You're aways laying around!" Mr. Boss yelled, "You never do your job!"

"But-" No buts! You're FIRED!"

Walking out of the building, Frank muttered, "I didn't need that job anyways. I was just about to-" Frank stopped. He saw his girlfriend in a alleyway kissing another dude. He felt terrible. He just lost his job and now his girlfriend! He couldn't take this horrible day anymore.

He wanted payback on his boss. He went to pack. He got a bandanna, a banana gun, and a pair of swim-trunks. He hovered to the store, then right when he went through the door, he saw his friends all sad and out of spirits. He suddenly felt sorry for them but also for him, he felt hungry, so as usual when he had his job he would grab a fudge-stick out of the ice-cream fridge. He did, and the Mr. Boss saw him, he yelled out, THIEF, THIEF. Frank didn't know what to do, he just put his hand over his head, because right then, the cops came up from under the ground.

Frank was in jail. He looked around to do something, when he heard a squeak. It was a mouse, Frank isn't scared of mouses, he kinda likes them. The mouse seemed to be trying to say something, then he said, "Hi!" Frank was stunned, he never heard a animal talk, (except for a parrot) but now there's a mouse talking right in front of him. He wondered if it would understand him. "Um, hi," he replied motionlessly. "Well, I'm Murf," Murf exclaimed,"what's your name?" "My name is Frank," Frank exclaimed, "so... what are you in for?" "Oh, I'm not in for anything, I just live in this hole," And Murf pointed to a dirty, round whole in the corner of a wall. "So, I have a plan to escape for you." Murf said in a evil scientist voice. "I have some friends that will come in and trick the guard that guards this cell, their names are Bill, and Phil. Murf continued. "Then when are they coming? Are they ghosts?" Frank asked. "8:54 and no... They're zombies." Murf said dramatically. "Oh, we'll look the time, it's now 8:53, they should be here now." Murf said impatiently. "Wait, how can you tell the time?" Frank asked. "Why, just because I'm the small doesn't mean I can't carry and wear the small watch, but too bad, I do, oh and look whose here, dumb and dumber." "Hey guys, it's us, dumb and-! I mean Bill & Phil, ready for duty." "See what I mean, Frank." Murf muttered under his breath. "Uh, hey guys, how's your day." "Well it's not doing so good without some human flesh to eat but, otherwise we're doing great!" "Enough! Let's get to the plan, B & F I need you two dumbos to trick that super dumbly to unlocking this cell door, while me and Frank hang out and watch a funny scene." "Everybody got it?" "Does this mean that we are dumb- "Just get out there!" "Ahh, that's better, my work here is done." 20 long funny minutes later, that two zombies were done tricking that dumb guard and freed Frank, and they lived, happily ever after.