New Ears Cookout

No, that's not a typo. I'm getting some new ears.

A New Take On Christmas Palooza

I know what you are all asking, and the answer is yes - I will be turning off my air conditioning for the duration of the event. Tradition is tradition, ya know???

Come celebrate the passing of time as well as our inevitable transformation into relics of the past.

New {Y}Ears Cookout

Friday, Jan. 1st 2016 at 12:30pm

Thornton Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Orlando, FL

Text Ellen 5-10 minutes before you need to be there to ask for the address.

[I'm a student of human behavior]


12:30-1: Arrive, hug

1-1:30: Straw Poll for the 2016 Presidential Election

[3.5 electoral votes up for grabs, can you believe it??!?!?!?!]

1:30-2: White Elephant Gift Exchange

2-2:30: Book Discussion - Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

2:30-3: Brief Rebuttal

3-3:30: Closing Statements