Mike Lupica

Book Summary

Michael Arroyo is growing up in New York City, just outside of Yankee Stadium. He has always dreamed of pitching for the Yankees like his idol, El Grande. Michael is a gifted baseball player but struggles in the real world because his father passed away years before. The problem is, no one knows about the death of their father. Now Micheal and his older brother live together in an old rundown apartment. Michael and his team are undefeated, and people start to wonder, is Michael arroyo older then he says?

My Personal Review

I feel as though this book really expressed the hard life Michael and his brother had and always left you excited. When a problem was faced, Michael and his brother never gave up to resolve it and live a happy life. Mike Lupica did a tremendous job on "Heat", and never had an un-interesting scene. I love and play baseball myself, so I can relate. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone that enjoys sports-themed books.