Athena Greek Goddess

By Julia Parcher

Athena Greek Goddess

A long time ago in Mt. Olympus there was a baby being born her name was Athena, Zeus her father could already tell she was the goddess of warfare, wisdom, and strategy. Athena grew up fast by now she is already fighting monsters and dragons and she was only a toddler. One day while she was practicing she saw something strange Hades, Poseidon, and her father were all fighting Poseidon and Zeus were fighting with Hades so she went to investigate. When she got there she asked her dad,” Daddy why are you fighting with Hades ?” “Umm dear you’re supposed to be practicing for your battle with Apollo, replied Zeus. But then they started fighting but not with Hades with Athena, Athena felt unloved so while the family was asleep she went to our world to live with us thinking that we were better then them. But that’s just the beginning.

“AAA good morning life,” said Athena .“ Hello there,” replied an unfamiliar voice. “Who's there,” asked Athena. “ You don’t remember me it’s me,” replied the voice “ Who’s me,” mentioned Athena “ It’s me Zeus your father,” explained Zeus. You see Athena thinks that she doesn’t have a father because she was like two when she ran away from Mt. Olympus and she is like eighteen now so she doesn’t remember her father “ I don’t have a father are you a kidnapper or just a weird person,” scowled Athena then she saw Zeus but it wasn’t him he was disguised as a old man but he took the disguise off and she noticed something familiar in him “ Wait what is your name again,” questioned Athena . “ It’s Zeus ,” said Zeus. Then Zeus bellowed, “ Come with me.” So she went with him.

Welcome to Mt. Olympus said a sign while they were walking Athena saw something cyclops and a wolf/man she was terrified and creeped out the wolf/man was hideous he growled. When they got to the tower Athena saw another person she thought was familiar she thought it was her mother but she wasn’t sure that’s when the lady mentioned something Athena also thought was familiar “ The baby will never be successful if she never finds her heart.” then Zeus said, “ That is your mother Metis.” “ Why is she in the dungeon,” asked Athena. The reason Metis is in the dungeon is because she did something terrible but Zeus didn’t want to talk about it. So then Athena saw something it was her old baby blanket she ran over to see it then she noticed writing on it she tried reading it but all she got out of it was when you grow up my little angel you will still be my little angel remember that.

Then Athena asked her mom, “ Mom did you write this?” Metis responded “ Yes, I did when you were just born and when your father gave you that blanket.” While Athena was talking to Metis Zeus had to take her away just like when she was born she started crying like when she was a baby then her father had taken her to her bedroom he had to say something to her. “ Athena I have to tell you something,” said Zeus “Yes.” responded Athena “ You have to go into the … dungeon,”explained Zeus. You see the reason Zeus wanted Athena to go into the dungeon is because she ran away he has to punish her so when Athena got into the dungeon she was laying in her bed crying when she heard someone scream someone let the beast out. Something terrible was going to happen.