James Webb Space Telescope

and what you don't know about it.

Its Birth

James Webb (the telescope) was made in 1996 and is planned to be launched in to orbit in 2018. It is named after James E. Webb NASA's second administrator, who is famous for leading the Apollo missions

The size of it!

Primary mirror 6.5 meters in diameter made of solid gold . Holla. with a collecting area of 25 m sq. the mirror is composed of 18 hexagonal segments which all unfolded after the launch of the telescope. Unlike the Hubble telescope the James Webb telescope takes infrared images.

Where the heck is it?

The space telescope orbits around L2 Lagrange point. or for non-astrophysicists it orbits around the moon. Lagrange Points are positions where the gravitational pull of two large masses precisely equals the centripetal force required for a small object to move with them.

What does it even do?

The James Webb telescope was made and launched to find the first galaxies in the early universe. by using infrared range to see the electromagnetic spectrum of other stars that form planetary systems. By finding these galaxies scientist hope to find the connection from the big bang to the Milky Way Galaxy.