Where is your perfect destination?

By: Jayce Gooch

Introduction to your perfect destination

Would you like to go to the north where it is has four seasons and has cities that are growing rapidly? Or are you a more peaceful person that likes more space if you are then you should go to the south.

The North

If you're thinking of living in the North you probably need to know there economy well Northerner's right now are starting the Industrial Revolution because of the South's cotton they started making mills. So you could get all the new fashion in the north. Then from all this they could make more goods produced from all of these machines.

North V.S. South pick your perfect destination.

Which will you choose?

The South

If you're thinking of living in the South you probably need to know there economy well Southerners usually based there life on farming, because they have all that farmland why wouldn't you. They have slaves so you don't have to worry about doing your work they will do it for you.

The Society of the North and South

North-There are more people coming every day like immigrants because there are more opportunities. So if you like having more opportunities the north is for you. Also blacks are free in the north.

South-The south has slaves to do there hard work and labor so you won't have to worry about doing anything. If you are white you will have fun at parties and have plenty of things to do if you are black you should not come to the south I think north is best for you.