fashion in Rome

Strolling through Roman fashion

Rome through clothes.

The fashion, the clothes or shoes has always hairdos and distinguished identified the different social classes from a town. The Romans used to next the fashion of the moment and they liked to adopt the suits of conquered towns and out his own style.

Reconstruction through this, we can meet the guys used materials in time, the articles that men and women used to cover her body

men fashion

Men gown was the official garment of a Roman man. It was usually a piece of face fabric of fine white wool. It was necessary to clean it frequently. The piece was semicircular and complicated task wrap around the body. Several emperors had to enact edicts ordering its use in public events.

There were different types of togas and used one or the other depending on the social rank, had various types of togas:

- Toga trabea

- Toga picta

- Toga candida

- Toga pulla

fashion for women

In the early days of the Empire, women also wore toga, but soon their use was limited to the prostitutes and women of ill-repute. Therefore, Roman women wore robes. Married women wore a stola on the tunic, whose edge was in line with a strip around the neck, either held on the shoulder with a brooch, which was considered the main embellishment of a Roman woman. They also used so-called palla which was nothing more than a long wool shawl.

Music and Roman dance

Música y danza romana