Chinese and Japanese Poem Project

Kai McGregor, 1st Period, 4/28/2015

Chinese Poem

2 Shadow Replies

By: T'ao Ch'íen

Who can speak of immortality when simply

staying alive makes such sad fools of us?

We long for those peaks of the immortals,

but they're far-off, the roads trail away

early. Coming and going together, we've

always shared the same joys and sorrows.

Resting in shade, we may seem unrelated.

but living out in the sun, we never part.

This togetherness isn't forever, though.

Soon, we'll smother in darkness. The body

can't last, and all memory of us also ends.

it sears the five feelings. But in our

good works, we bequeath our love through

generations. How can you spare any effort?

Though it may be true wine dispels sorrow,

how can such trifles ever compare to this?


I chose this poem because it seemed like an interesting topic and it was one of the few that made complete sense to me.

This poem is a reply to a prior poem which speaks of the inevitability of death and how drinking can ease this pain. Shadow Replies speaks of, again, the inevitability of death but instead focuses on the enjoyment of our lives and the effect of our emotions on others.

Literary Elements

Shadow is personified in the way that he can speak and reply to the previous poem that was written by the same author.


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The painting Appreciation of Painting made by Kano School is a Japanese painting that connects with this poem as they both show how one's actions, emotions, and beliefs can live on through others.


Kansas - Dust in the Wind (Official Video)
Kansas' song "Dust in the Wind" relates to the poem well as it talks of the frailty of life and how there is an end to all we are and all we create.

Japanese Peom

Ono Komachi

By: Ono Komachi

Was it that I went to sleep

Thinking of him,

That he came into my dreams?

Had I known it a dream

I should not have wakened


I chose this poem because it seemed very sensible and not too intricate.

This poem tells about the want of someone whom the narrator has not told his/her true feelings to.


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The painting Yukihira and Two Brinemaindens at Suma made by artist Okumura Masanobu represents the connection between two people and how their lives intertwine.


The Beatles - Hey Jude [HQ]
The song "Hey Jude" by The Beatles explains this poem well as the song is about the acceptance/pursuit of another person.