Working 9 to 9 is no way to make a living

Work Addiction


  • Unnecessary hours at work
  • Losing sleep to finish work projects of finish tasks
  • Obsession with work related success
  • Use of work to avoid relationships or life crises like death, divorce, or financial trouble
  • Defensive towards others about this behavior

Risk Factors

  • Financial, family and social pressures
  • Fear of losing a job
  • Competition in the labor market
  • The need to achieve a desired level success
  • High levels of personal work efficiency
  • Lack of personal affection


  • Under pressure to perform and outperform
  • Self-projected and self-imposed image
  • Guilty feelings in their mind that they need to do more


Treatment will not be the same for a work addict as it would be for a drug addict. It might requite an inpatient or outpatient addiction rehabilitation program to manage the behavior. Another option would be a 12 step recovery program such as Worker Addicts Anonymous.


  • Some work addicts have had Obsessive compulsive disorder (in some cases this is where the work addiction comes from) !
  • There are three types of work addictions compulsive worker, binge worker, closet worker, work anorexic
  • They have multiple addictions that can go along with being a work addict. They can be money, food, and relationships.