JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Friday 12 JUNE

This Week

We :

  • rehearsed and retold the story of 'We're Sailing Down the Nile', making up our own sentences
  • created collages to represent the different parts of the story
  • learned about the types of animals that live in the Red Sea and discuss why it is important that we care for this particular ecosystem
  • listened as Ms. Jones from JSV came to talk about her diving experiences
  • talked about addition and subtraction sums such as 9 + [ ] = 10, 27 + [ ] = 50
  • learned number bonds to 10 , 20 and 50

Next week

We will:

  • start thinking about life in the Netherlands
  • think about traditional Dutch houses, especially those with gable roofs
  • learn about fractions in maths
  • explore different types of shells, particularly those found in the locations that we have learned about throughout our current topic
  • make a moving picture

My journey to school - Homework

As part of our topic we have been thinking about homes around the world. Over the coming weeks we will explore 'living here in the Netherlands' and would like you to look at the buildings, homes and special features that you and your child pass on the way to school each day.

Your child will receive a strip of paper to plot their journey to school showing the main things along the way. Your child may wish to draw or use photos to represent the journey. The pictures can also be labelled if you wish.

Please return the journey picture before Monday 29 June 2015.

Here is Mr Ainscow's journey to school. Look at the things that he passes on his cycle to Diamanthorst.

Big image
Big image