Joshua Bollers

The Me Project

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who am I

my name is Joshua Bollers. I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am 15 years old. I am interested in playing basketball and playing football. i want to become a basketball coach, RCMP officer, Family Lawyer. i been going to Louise Arbour sens grad 9 2014-15 it was a good expedients because you have to find new friends witch is not hard for me because i like to talk to new people.

My life line

My Favorite things

  • Basketball, because i started to play basketball when i was 6 years old because my gram told me to do something i love and stay to it because the world is a hard place to live in.
  • Football, because i started to play football in middle school because i got kicked off the basketball team in grade 6 so i tryed out for football and i made it and i loved to play it so that is another sport i enjoy to play.
  • shoes, i like shoes because you can put a nice outfit together and you need shoes to complete your outfit and look nice for what ever you are going too.

My Leadership Style

my leadership style is a teller because i like to tell people what they have to do and i also like to tell make all the decisions when i'm with my friends because they don't do anything so i say lets do this or that and we end up doing it. i don't listen to my friends when they think of doing something because when we do stuff we end up getting in to trouble or it is not smart. I don't listen to what my team mattes on my rep team because i run the point guard so that means you have power on the basketball court and you have a say to everything on the team. so if the team does not like it i make them run and then we run as a team, then we do what we where doing before i made them run so it could be a drill or a play we had to learn for a game coming up.
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My influences

my main influences is my brother, I think lucky, leader, helper,kind,responsible,organized,hard working, motivated, i think that shaped my character because that is what i learned when i was growing up in my house so I think those things come to me easily. yes my friends have influenced me because like i said when they do something it is not smart or it is something to get us in trouble, like one time we did something and the people from the house ran after us all the way passed the school to all the way where d'youville is and then they stopped because we ran in the rode with a rep light and cars where coming and could have hit all of us. but my friends are smart sometimes and they know when to do work so i think they got me into doing my work and working harder so u can get something you want in the long run.
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Role model/People in my life

my role model is my mother because my mom pushed me when i wanted to give up and when i wanted to quite basketball because i did not make my rep team for the first time my mom means the world to me because she was and still is my motivating for working hard and when i get older i want to put her and my father in a nice house and give them everything back to them because they worked for it. i think when i put them in a nice house and nice cars i think that would still not be good for me.
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Family Symbols

the reason i picked those 3 places is because is we do these things every year i put new York shopping is because we go shopping in new York every year near this time of year so we go to buy new clothes so that we can look nice for the Christmas. I also put footlocker because my hole family decide the are hole family buys a shoe they want from there and we wear it on are family rode tripe and i usually get two pairs of shoes because my mom does not like the kind of shoes that footlocker sells so she says i can buy two and i she gets shoes from the U.S. footlocker because she likes the shoes from there. i said switch cares every year because we switch are car every year because my mom likes to drive new cars so we get a new one every year i like it because we take the new car to go the the U.S. and go shopping .

Personality Test Results

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