Chore Poem

Kirthivel Ramesh Rizvi ELA 7th per

Cleaning the Table...

Kiwi the great

would not clean up what others ate

He tried to make less of a mess,

but as you might guess,

he wasn't the best

From limes to dimes,

Many different currys to McFlurrys,

Tomatoes to potatoes,

they're all as smelly as your toes

In all that dried up cheese,

there could be a lot of bees!

All this went as high as the sky

The mess was a big fat lump;

a garbage dump

It was Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout

all over again, so Kiwi let out a shout

that made the pile start waving,

and with a big "CRUNCH!" it started shaving

In the end it was down and looked like a clown

Kiwi the great is now in his brown gown

cleaning up what others ate